My book review (Robe Of Skulls)

18 10 2016

Hi I’m Poupina and the book I’m going to review about is Robe Of Skulls. I like this book because it is great for all them young readers out there. My favourite part of the story is when Lady Lamorna gets her robe. Her robe it is black and has blood-red petticoats.I wouldn’t like a dress like that. Vivian French has did a great job of the way she wrote the book. She makes the story look as if it is about to come alive.The story starts with Lady Lamorna, who wants a robe of skulls but has no money.Then she meets Foyce that is when they merge together as a team.The ancient crones want her because she is evil. Plus, being a half human half werewolf.Then Lady L blackmails all the kings and queens.Turns the princesses and prince.My favourite character is Lady Lamorna because she maybe a dark character but she has great ideas.So after we read the book,we decided to do a trailer on Robe Of Skulls. We all auditioned for different parts. I auditioned for Lady Lamorna but sadly I didn’t get the part.But it didn’t matter, anyway I am now a generically a prince or a princess.My second favourite is Gracie Gillypot,who is such a true heart, has an ugly, horrible stepfather. I could read this story for ages and it would still be that good. On the first page where it has what others have said about the book I like this sentence. ” French takes the fairy-tale format and twists it into a funny,frenetic adventure… will draw in  girls and boys with a taste for the fantastical and off-beat humour”. That’s what the Daily Mail said. This is my favourite sentence: ‘Fantasticult that plan is. Prince Zap Frog!’

The robe of sculls(beast one ever)😀😀

18 10 2016

The sorceress lady lamorna has her heart set on a new robe . To get it she will stop at nothing , including kidnapping and black mail .but she reckons without the heroic Gracie gillypot ,a gallant if ratger scruffy prince two chatty bats ,a troll white a grudge and some very ancient crones.

Author :

Vivian French ,is an award-winning author of picture books, novels,plays,and non-fiction for children and young children

My favourite part is we’re Lady Lamorna wants the robe but she doesn’t have enough money to get the robe so she shouted one Gubble comes running and moaned yes my evilness I want that dress but I don’t have any money to get it.

Book report

18 10 2016

Title: Robe of skulls

Authour: Vivian French

Summary: this evil sausorace (Lady Lamorna) demands a new dress. The problem is that she doesn’t have enough money for the dress so she blackmails people . A little girl (Gracie Gillypot) has a stepdad (Mange) and a stepsister (Foyce) they hate her. The only thing that she can eat is water soup , she lives in Fracture and she stays in a dark cellar.

Favourite part: My favourite part was when Gubble bit the donkey as he said I Bites I Bites hard.Also I loved it when Lady Lamorna is in her castle describes her dress .

characters: Lady Lamorna (A sourcouse), Gracie Gillypot (a girl), Marlon, Millie, Uncle Alvin, Prince Marcus, Prince Arioso , Nina-Rose, Fedora, Tertius, Albion, Vincent, Foyce, Mange, Gubble,  Val, Elsie , Edna,Alf ,King Frank, Queen Mildred, Queen Kesta and Professor Scallio.

The robe of skulls(remake)

18 10 2016

The sorceress lady lamorna loves this new robe and she wants the robe before anyone else…lady lamorna will set off on an adventure  to get it and if anyone stop they will pay .she will kidnap and black mail people.

My fravrout character is bubble let me describe him he is a bit fat he looks like he has been dressed in a pillowcase and he’s bold.I feel sorry on bubble because he is always getting slapped.But it is not his folt that he is dumb.

gracie is a nuther heart breaking character because she spends time washing,cooking and down in the cellar talking to rats.poor Gracie has a Evel step sister and a abusive step father mange.They are the ones that make her do all of the work she dose’nt want to do it.

prince Macus is a young boy who loves to cause trouble he has a older brother called origio he is a boy that would lising to you and be good for people and respect them in all sorts of ways:make people smile; be polite.


The Robe of Skulls Book Review

18 10 2016

I think that Vivian French has wrote an amazing book using outstanding vocabulary and description of her characters. My favourite part was when Gubble (a troll ) slammed the doors of a wardrobe shut and locked himself in to never be opened again. The main characters are Gracie Gillypot, Gubble and Prince Marcus. The bats are Millie, Uncle Alvin, Alf and Marlon. The kings and queens are King Frank, Queen Mildred and Queen Kestra. The princes and princesses are Nina-Rose,  Fedora, Arisio, Tertious, Albion and Vincent. Professor Scallio; Marcus’ tutor. The ancient chrones Edna, Elsie and Val. The villans Lady Lamorna, Mange Undershaft and Foyce Undershaft. I wold recommend this book for people from the age of 8 – 14 because it is a great read and it’s really funny but serious at the same time. It is a work of genius and I don’t know how Vivian French done it.

Robe of skulls

18 10 2016

Title: The robe of skulls

Author: Vivian French

Gubble is not with lady lamorna because she slapped him and said your not my dog so gable joynt forces with Marcus.

My favourite part is when Marcus found out that lady lamorna is a witch because he wanted to do a plan on her with professor Scalia.

The characters I the book are ;Lady lamorna who is evil;Gubble who is dome;Marcus who thinks he is a king and doesn’t matter about nothing;Grasie filly pot who is lonely;Mange and foyse who live with Grasie and doesn’t like her;Marlon who helps Grasie;the three ancient crones;the princes and princesses and professor Scalia.

Robe of sculls summary

18 10 2016

                                       Robe Of Sculls


characters: Gracie Gillypot, Gubble and Prince Marcus.

Bats: Marlon, Alf, Uncle Alvin and Millie.

Kings and Queens: King Frank , Queen Mildred , Queen Kesta

Princes and princesses: Ariosio , Nina-Rose , Fedora , Tertius , Albion and Vincent

Professor Scallio

The Ancient Crones: Edn


  •   My favourite part is when Foyce is Chasing Gracie , Marlon and Marcus because she chases them all the way to the Ancient Crones house ; she sinks and has to work for the ancient crones. This book is about Lady Lamorna who wants a dress with sculls on and she looses all her money. She tells Gubble to hire a donkey and he gets 15 of them. Gubble bites the donkey then he says Gubble bite Gubble bite hard they then set of to  Gorebreath and on the way they meet Foyce. Foyce follows them and makes a deal. They work together Foyce turns all the princes and princesses into frogs Marcus sees and works with Marlon and Gracie. They trap Foyce In the Ancient Crones house and she has to work for them.


18 10 2016

Hi I’m faith and I’m going to tell you about the scariest night of our life’s yes I have lily,shenai,Rosie,poupina,my sister and my brother here helping me tell the story so prepare to be scared …

It was was halloween and I was sitting in the kitchen with my brother and sister carving pumpkins for tonight ” so where should we go trick a trick or treating tonight ” my sister questioned. 

” I think we should go to the candy cane lane we got loads of sweets last time didn’t we” my brother replied .” Or maybe just maybe we could get dad to drop us of at that creepy village in the mountains were everyone else is going” I announced. Just then mam walked in.” So what you talking about kidly winks ( that is mamas nickname  for us) ” ” we’re talking about were we are going and we want to go to the creepy village in the mountains were all our friends are going” 

mam agreed on taking us to the mountains and we went to get ready me a vampire my sister Harley Quinn and my brother               Freddie crooger .we got in the car and I was still dowing my makeup when suddenly my dad stood on the brake as what we thought was a child crossed the road. Suddenly, I realised that we were here.” Eeeeeeeeeee were here there’s lily, shenai ,Rosie and poupina” “girls over here.”

” Hi faith so I thought you weren’t coming” they all laughed 

” well I changed my mind bye mam Leah drew I’ll meet you right back here”

” you kidding were coming with you .you know this place like the back of your hand and so do your friends”

” fine come on were going up hill so I hope you have strong legs because we’re starting at the top and working our way down to the bottom” I said. As we got to the top and walked through the bush to get to the first garden everything changed it was horrible everyone was  gone except us and there was a mansion that looked like it was of a horror film .






The adventure of Liam.

18 10 2016

it began at 8oclock in the mornan when Dylan what’s upset in his blue,personalised cot. Natasha jumped out of her comfy,king sized bed to check on her precious little baby. He was only upset because Liam the dog was barking really loud. I was only checking on him because Taylor was asleep and Laura was brushing her teeth and washing her face. Unsuspectingly Natasha shouted” Laura come up stears and make Dylan a bottle nowthen wake Taylor up,”

” Taylor Taylor get up or you won’t get eany money for walking Liam today,”

“FINE I need that money for my buss fear,”

so taylor leaped out of his 6 year old bead and then got changed in to his 100pound tracksuit. But the problem was he foot to BRUSH HIS TEETH. Taylor got his headfons;phone;the leash then walked out of the house. Suddenly he walked ran back in ans screamed “I fagot the dog,”

“hahaha you forgot the dog its up in my bedroom asleep,” Laura laughed.

” Who are u lafing at you are clumsy aswell,” Taylor screamed.

” Hey stop now little ones Taylor go and get the dog and Laura you stay and watch the telly,” Natasha growled.

Taylor ran up and got the dog and ran out the front door.


Halloween Night

18 10 2016

It was October 15th, Ally and Chris were finding their Halloween costumes. “I want to be a fairy!” Ally frantically screeched.

“Okay, okay, don’t shout. I think I’m going to be a pirate,goblin,zombie,Darth Vader.” Chris spoke all in one breath. Ally looked over her shoulder and saw something different about Chris, he was covered in ectoplasm. “CHRIS!!! What’s wrong with your face.”

“Well I didn’t put my spot cream on but that normally doesn’t make a difference” Chris replied.

“You’re covered in goopy goop.” Ally spoke whilst she touched the ghostly substance.  Chris screamed in disgust as he ran around bumping into things left, right and centre. The manager, Jeff Jefferson, observed what the boy was doing. “What you doing, Mr?” Jeff giggled but tried to sound angry.

” I….I….I’ve got this thingy majiggy on me. GET IT OFF.” Chris stammered.

“Calm down,Chris.” Ally spoke. Jeff grabbed a car scraper and a jar and started to scratch the liquid off him and into the jar.

” We’ll do a test on this in the back, come on.” Jeff pleaded.

Ally and Chris were confused, did Jeff have a science lab back there?